Performing Under Pressure.

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Performing Under Pressure

There comes a time when everyone is put into a situation where they must deal perform under pressure. Whether it is meeting a deadline at work, or an athlete competing in a championship event. A good way to deal with this pressure is a process called imagery. I myself use imagery all the time and can sanction its ability in relieving pressure. I've also done some research on the subject and found that it really is helpful in dealing with stress.

Some environments can be very relaxing, while others can be intensely stressful. The principle behind the use of imagery in stress reduction is that you can use your imagination to create a scene that is very relaxing. The more intensely you imagine the place or situation, the stronger and more realistic the experience will be. I use imagery when I pitch in baseball games.

When I'm standing on the mound before the pitch I actually picture myself striking out the batter. Now this does not always work all the time, but I really do believe it helps me to perform better. It allows me to practice in advance for anything unusual that might occur, so that I'm prepared and already practiced in handling the situation. Imagery also allows you to pre-experience achievement of your goals. This helps to give you the confidence you need to do something well.

The effectiveness of imagery can be shown very effectively if you have access to equipment that measures body stress. This functions by measuring muscle electrical activity. By imagining a pleasant scene, which reduces stress, you can cause a needle on the machine to move in one direction. By imagining an unpleasant and stressful situation, you can move it in the opposite direction.

I use imagery all...