Perks of being wallflower and homo

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Perks of Being Wallflower and Homosexuality

Love not only refers to the emotion between the different genders, but also refers to the homosexual emotion between same genders. Most people believe it is absolutely wrong to fall in love with same gender. What's more, homosexuality is always rejected by society. In "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky, Charlie saw Patrick kissing Brad secretly when he opened the door at the party. Brad, Patrick and Charlie all felt embarrassed. In the book, Brad and Patrick's situation challenges us to respect gay and lesbian's troubled relationships. But the fact is, society and parents always reject homosexuality. As the aim of the book, the writer desires to lead us to show respect to gays by the letters of Charlie.

Gays are often looked down upon by society. At the first high school party Charlie attended, he opened the door of the room where guests left their coats, and saw Patrick kissing Brad.

"It was a stolen type of kissing."(Stephen 45) "The stolen type" implies Patrick and Brad really wanted to keep their ineffable secret. They were terrified that their relationship might be exposed to all of their friends, and even worse, those high school kids. They recognized their love will never be accepted by society. Patrick told Charlie that the secret should be kept, as Brad did not want people to know the secret. (Stephen 46) As gays were always looked down upon by others, Brad and Patrick afraid that Charlie would divulge the secret. It is often tough for society to accept homosexuality, and most people in the 1990s felt shameful about gay relationships. However, it is quite unimaginable that writer Stephen Chbosky was willing to write about it. The writer wanted to...