Personal Connection Paper with the short story "The Safe Man"

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What critical issue does the work address?

I really connected with the story The Safe Man. I did not connect with it because I am like him. Rather I connected with it due to my experience in corporate America. This work really took a hard look at some real problems facing companies and employees these days. It seems all too common to hear about office relationships, sexual harassment and even the lawsuits that follow. I have worked for large companies that faced these issues and knew of them first hand. I remember seeing the Human Resources manager cringe when she heard about an affair in the office. The HR manager's response was much worse when she heard of sexual harassment issues. The situations describes can cost a company lots of money and also the loss of good employees. It also can tear apart families and relationships. TO look for critical issues posed in this story is not hard.

I do believe the outcome of this was appropriate in his termination. All too often there is not enough evidence to prove the problem and that person keeps their job and the victim has to leave because they feel betrayed and uncomfortable at work.

What was unique about the presentation of the topic?

This particular presentation of the topic was different than the norm. Usually it is a case of sexual harassment that just surfaced and is dealt with swiftly. Also, the harassment in the stereotypical form is comments from one employee to another. In this case the harassment was going on for years with multiple employees and all from a man no one suspected. Many cases of this the offender is one that people would have picked for this behavior. However, in this story the man was not suspected of this...