Personal Expectations.

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For many years I have set goals for myself, but did not totally accomplish all of them. So this time I decided to make up a philosophy that will motivate me. My philosophy is: Never sell myself short. If I make an effort I can achieve my goals. Success is not going to knock on my door. I have to go out and get it. Especially since I was raised in a family that has so much ambitions and talents. I'm constantly being advise that I need to follow the family traits that have lead them to an road of being financially stable. That's another theory that also helped motivate my return to higher education at the University of Phoenix.

Since I have made such a tremendous step to learn online. I must now focus on what types of expectations/achievements that I want for myself, that will guide me to the end of my undergraduate degree at University of Phoenix.

Well my first expectation is to find a way to adapt to my everyday routines including school. It's been so easy in the past when I first attended college because I didn't have so much on my plate. But now since I been joggling work, school, and most importantly my son, in a twenty-four hour day, it's been very hard. Considering how hard it is, I must say I'm very blessed to have the strength to go through each day. I definitely think I am a well-rounded person who has the prudential to achieve the courses that will better my knowledge for a better future. I think if I start analyzing a daily schedule I will have the time to be more relaxed and focus when it comes to school time. I want to be able to concentrate on...