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Knowing how we learn affords us opportunities not only in the classroom but also in the workplace as well as in our day-to-day lives. I consider myself to be someone who is in tune with my thoughts and emotions. That being said, an absolute necessity for me to learn effectively is organization. That includes not only the environment that I am working in, but also the methods that I use to manage the actual work. Prior to beginning, I like to know what will be expected of me. Once that has been clearly established, I try to get a general overview of the subject before I attempt to grasp the specific details. Additionally, I have always preferred to work independently. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on the information that I have just taken in, and think of ways I can relate it to something that is familiar to me.

Furthermore, since attention to detail is such an important aspect of my learning style, working alone allows me to be in control of the outcome. I have had the experience in the past where my groups' level of organization, efficiency, and overall neatness was not where I would have liked it to have been.

After completing the Pathways to Learning Assessment, I discovered that, of the eight intelligences, I am primarily a blend of the intrapersonal and verbal-linguistic learning styles. It was interesting to see some of the methods that I have been using for years listed as the study techniques that are associated with those learning types. For example when studying I like to highlight key points and take notes in the margins of the text. Additionally, if I am preparing for a test, I will usually type my written notes as a method of retaining the...