Personal strengths and weakness.

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I think I'm doing alright in this world for being only 23 years old. My experiences and interactions have helped teach me alot about people as well as myself. I have lived with some of the poorest people in the world for six months in Haiti. I assisted keeping the peace, or what little there was, for nearly a year in the desert between Egypt and Israel. I have migrated solo from Boston to San Diego and lived everywhere in between. I've worked as a commercial fisherman in the north atlantic and south pacific and as a cowboy in the midwest. All of these places and interactions have had a great deal of impact on the way that I live my life. Through these experiences I have built my strengths and exposed my weaknesses.

I believe my strengths lie strongest within my ability to adapt to and easily overcome a variety of situations.

Making things work with little or nothing was a big part of my training as an operator within an airborne recon unit in the Army. I can remember one obstactle in particuar when we were placed in teams of five, unfamiliar with one another and given limited resources, we were required to relocate a jeep without wheels 100 meters. As you can imagine we relied heavily on our ability to build an effective team. I can attribute my leadership skills to this experience as well, although in a environment where I am less confident with the material I tend to follow. I believe that my ability to follow someone else's lead and to admit when I am unfamiliar with a situation is also a strength. Learning to follow will teach you to lead. As far as academic strengths are concerned my experiences in the past have...