Persuasive essay about the banning of the Australian flag at the big day out concert.

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Letter to the Editor, The AgeDear Editor,I, like the majority of Australians, believe that the organizers of the Big Day Out made an extremely poor decision in banning our flag from the musical event. I find it amusing that they can point the finger at the flag being the reason for increasing racial tensions evident in Australia. Our own prime minister, John Howard, is in a state of disbelief that Australia's national symbol would be banned from the event. He has put it best, pointing out to the people in that "flags don't have legs and arms", so how can it be the cause of the violence?Granted, Ken West and colleagues have identified the problem. They also have attempted to ensure that nothing does occur, which they should be applauded for. The problem with their response to this issue is that they are looking at a symbol, the Australian flag, as opposed to the actual behaviour of the concert-goers.

It has been noted by regular attendee's of the event that the crowd in general has slowly changed from music lovers to Aussie 'bogans' just looking for a 'piss-up' with some mates.

How can they overlook that alcohol plays a big part in the violence? What about the large amount of drugs available at the event? The fact is that drugs and alcohol are widely available at the event for anyone that wants to drink, shoot up, inhale or swallow in order to 'enjoy' the event a little more. The affects that alcohol has on users is commonly known. Booze can turn even the most well-mannered people into rude, arrogant and aggressive morons. Scientists have recognized that alcohol is associated with violent behaviour, so it is an undisputable fact that excessive amounts of alcohol consumption are a big factor...