Persuasive essay small dogs vs big dogs

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Small dogs are better than Big dogs

Are small dogs really better then big dogs? What is it about small dogs that make them better? My opinion is that small dogs are easier to own or to take care of.

What are the dangers of small and big dogs? Big dogs are usually able to knock you over or jump on you, which can be painful. That's one of the things that you are probably happy to know that small dogs are not capable of. When a big dog bites you with its big sharp teeth it can go so deep into the skin were you might need to get stitches. A small dog doesn't have as big or as sharp teeth like a big dog does so the bite might not be so painful. A small dog seems to be easier to play with and teach than a big dog does.

The small dog seems to be less dangerous.

Which type of dog is easier to take care of? A big dog usually needs at least 5 pounds of food in two weeks when a small dog needs almost half as much food in two weeks. A large dog likes to take long walks and lots of space which makes the dog hard to handle. A small dog needs little space and short walks. Small dogs are easier to handle or take care of.

What dog is more affordable? A big dog can cost almost a thousand dollars when a small dog can probably be half as much.

A small dog eats less food less money to pay. A large or big dog can walk a round the house break things and then you need to buy new stuff which costs money!

A small dog is better then a...