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Should the drinking age be lowered? Other countries with drinking ages well below the United States have fewer problems with alcohol. Because other countries have fewer problems, people are adults at eight-teen, and young people do it still, the drinking age should be lowered to eight-teen.

Countries in Europe all have a lower drinking age then the United States, yet none of those countries have a bigger problem with alcohol then the United States. In England, Mexico, Russia, and the Bahamas the drinking age is eight-teen. In Spain, France, Germany, and Italy the drinking age is six-teen. Moreover, in China and Portugal there is no drinking age at all. All of those countries have a lower drinking age then the United States, but there are less drunk drivers and binge drinkers. Because there are younger drinking ages kids are introduced to alcohol at a younger age, it is not that big of a deal to them to be able to drink.

When United States citizens turn eight-teen they are considered adults. They can vote, join the military, and smoke. So, why can people decide who the leader of the United States is going to be but they can not drink a beer. There are soldiers fighting for the United States and dying that are not even old enough to drink alcohol. Therefore, the United States is saying that at eight-teen people are old enough to die, but not to drink alcohol. Along with voting and joining the military people can smoke when they turn eight-teen. Smoking serves as a root to many of the leading causes of death in the United States. So, why can someone smoke, but not drink when smoking kills many more people.

Everybody knows that the drinking age in the United States...