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INTRODUCTION: The virus that infect the brain and responsible for the acute inflammation of brain is called rabies.

The time period of disease is about 1 to 3 months.

Basically the time period or symptoms appearing is the time in which the virus will reach into the (CNS) .

HISTORY:-According to the historical documents the rabies reported from since 2300 BC. The word rabies is driven from the latin word rabies mean madness or rage. It is a infectious disease and can spread from person to person by any mutual contact and isolation are death of the affected could prevent the disease. In the 15th century the Italian physician Girolamo Fracasotro that it is a communicable disease and can spread by direct contact of saliva from infected animals. And after the discovery of the disease the Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux produce a vaccine against the disease causing viruses.

VIRUS information;- Virus :- LYSSAVIRUSES




Detail:- Lyssaviruses have helical symmetry and length of about 180nm and width about 75nm.The virus is enveloped virus with a (- SS RNA) genome . And genome is packed as a ribonucleoprotien complex.Some other proteins are also present in the virus like nucleo protein , phospho protein , matrix protein ,glycol protein and viral RNA polymerase (L).After entry into the body the virus will start replication. First of all the spikes of virus will interact with the receptor sight on the surface of the cell. And then the virus genome will enter into the cell and form its copies and release progeny those infect the other cells. Basically the virus is neurotropic travelling with nerve cells towards CNS and after attack on CNS travel toward other organ like mouth silvery gland...