Philosphy - Taoism and Pragmatism

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Taoism and how it affected the practical applications of each.

Confucism hopes to establish a better world order by means of the moral perfection of the individual. Taoism is where the individual will find peace and tranquility through quietly following the Tao. Where the individual need not interfere with the world. The distinction is that humans cannot force change. Yet, Confucius believed the Tao could be approved on.

What were the two characteristics Camus termed that composed life? And what were we to do about them? Camus said that we have a need for clarity or understanding and the need for social warmth and contact. He believed we must fight for justice and liberty and against all forms of tyranny.

What was the principal difficulty Olivia Sabuco de Nantes had in explaining dualism? Does this problem still exist today: Why or why not? She explains how mind and body are closely united so that a person is one.

But has problems explaining them separately. A part of the reasons why people adopt a dualistic position is that it agrees with a theological theory that we have immortal souls that can survive outside of the body (and even go to heaven or hell). This still exists in today's society because there are so many different religions among us. So we all have different beliefs.

What do "man is condemned to be free" and "existence precedes essence," mean? Who said them? Jean Paul Sartes said these lines years ago. To me it means man is free and we are freedom. There is no determinism faced upon us.

Pragmatism is a philosophy designed to be an argument that by satisfactorily accounting for the growth of human experience and knowledge. Pragmatism aims to connect truth with learning. If everything that can be known must...