"Pit bull terriers make good pets"

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Pets are considered animals that are tamed (not savage) and are kept as a companion and cared for affectionately. The pit bull terrier fits this description with its characteristics including its loyalty, playfulness and its desire to please everyone. Although over the years there has been a lot of negative hype and disapproval of them as a pet especially in residential communities. This hype is about how the pit bull terrier is more aggressive and dominant than other dogs therefore it shouldn’t be kept as a pet, the number of pit bull attacks over the last decade has meant that it hasn’t been kept around people especially children and how the pit bulls are fighting and aggressive dogs as a result of their owners bringing them up as hunting dogs. These accusations over the years have tarnished the image of the dog and increased the public’s fear of the breed.

The pit bull’s reputation over the years has been tainted due to commonly cited attack statistics and highly publicized incidents of aggression by dogs fitting the broad “pit bull” description. Verification of many attacks is difficult due to the wide variation in pit bull varieties and tendency to label all dangerous dogs as pit bulls. According to the Age newspaper, the American pit bull terrier have been responsible for four of the every seven dogs attacks in which Australians have died between 1991 and 2002. The Endangered Dog Breeds Association on the other hand has denied these figures; claiming that these dogs were mutts (mixed breed dogs) and that registered, pure breed American pit bull terriers have caused no known fatalities in Australia. These attack statistics along with others have led to a certain degree of fear of pit bulls by the wider community, and many governments and community...