Plainview Energy Scenario

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Plainview Energy Scenario

Plainview Energy Concern is a small but rapidly growing corporation dedicated to providing electricity to remote towns and outposts. They have completed development on a revolutionary, self-contained nuclear battery power source that may be used anywhere off the grid where power is needed. High product demand, however, has caused growing pains at Plainview, which they are unprepared to handle.

Management is primarily concerned with communication issues related to recent growth. They have tasked your team with solving these problems via emerging technology and improved procedures. Read the information for more on current communication practices at Plainview.

Plainview has offices in four states, which house engineers, managers, computer programmers, and other support staff. They also have three manufacturing facilities across the country that make reactors. In addition, each unit requires a small, company-approved staff to provide ongoing maintenance and security on site.

Because of the large quantity of information transfer between facilities and the need to ensure security, management has determined the existing systems are inadequate.

The three manufacturing facilities are set up to take in raw components and do required tooling and assembly to make finished products independently of each other. All software programming is conducted in-house by Plainview employees.

Communications security is of paramount importance as the company works with sensitive information and materials.

Communication among facilities is limited to regular telephone lines and e-mail, and communication with finished sites is hampered by the limited infrastructure in the area. Employees frequently have problems sending large files over e-mail. Network outages are becoming more common.

The company has issues with the proprietary project management software they use to track each project, because outside contractors, vendors, and customers do not have the same programs.