Poem of an Yeast Cell's Life

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Here is a story of a lone HBT yeast (Bob) cell,

Who really had a nice smell.

He was born kind of weird,

But there was nothing strange when he appeared.

His parent was only one cell,

But Bob just shrugged, "Oh well!"

Budding was the reason he was alive,

On a YED plate, he will survive!

At first a bud on his parent he was,

'Cuz that's just the laws.

Bob grows and grows and grows,

'Til he's as big as his parent, I suppose.

During that time, chromosomes replicate,

When that's done, one nucleus from parent to Bob will vacate.

His parent yelled, "Get off of me!"

"You are now free!"

During haploid a genetic deficiency makes him weak,

Tryptophan is the thing Bob needs to seek.

Tryptophan YED provides for it,

It helps him keep fit.

Oh, no! What's this?

In a MV plate, tryptophan is amiss.

To live, Bob must mate with HA2,

Or else he's screwed!

He meets an HA2,

Bob will now turn into a haploid shmoo.

He kisses his mate and an unbudded zygote forms,

They're just submitting to the norms.

Look! Something appeared in their middle!

It just wiggled!

A budded zygote is there,

Diploid Bob has just fared.

Now, his ability to make tryptophan is complete,

For Bob, that was a life-saving treat.

Oh, no! What's this!

In an YEKAC plate, nitrogen source is amiss.

Bob must go through meiosis and spores are made,

They are now haploid.

An ascus holds the spores,

The spores come in fours.

Adenine, tryptophan, and all mating-type genes combinations are created,

All their activities only science can dictate.

Diploid S. cerevisiae has chromosomes of 16,

That will increase with sporulation and mating.

Yeast can be used to make tasty food,

But by itself, it...