Poetic Justice

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Poetic justice

Love is never as intense as between to young people being in love for the first time. Even when you look back at your youth later in life, you will always remember your first real love as something special.

Young love is something to be taken seriously. It can be very strong and mean everything, affecting every aspect of the young persons life, when it is at. Adult love can be incredibly powerful too, stronger in many cases, but it will always be different with the first love. The excitement of the infatuation, the fascination of the loved one bordering to the insane and, in exceptional instances, the fantastic thrill to hear that the other one feels the same way. Despite this, people tend to get over their first love over time unless, of course, they are so fortunate to remain together. A man like Jed Cunningham does not support this tendency.

An intelligent, rebellious and astonishing man, ever since his younger years. In fact so intelligent that he cannot understand why anyone else would doubt his decisions or his way of living.

The female narrator describes Jed in an implausibly exquisite way. Jed was the cool kid in school, but not in the dominating school bully-way. Gathering an eclectic group of friends, or maybe more correctly followers, he was the trendsetter and the ideal role model for his fellow students, just perfect. It is debatable how sincere the description of Jed Cunningham is, considering the state of devotion the narrator was, and still is in to a certain extend, even after all these years. Nonetheless, Jed was indisputably an extraordinary and very charismatic guy whose qualities made her enthuse him. He did not do what was expected of him and appeared in many...