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It is important to many women to be able to reproduce in the process of evolution. In the literary work "A Secret Sorrow", the character Faye is a lady that is unable to reproduce. Many women in today's society have many problems just like Faye. This inability to have a child is a great burden on Faye. This burden causes stress in Faye and Kai's relationship. However this story portrays how with love and work, relationships can survive these struggles.

At first I think Faye is over reacting to the news that she could not bear children in the story and needs to calm down. Communication in a relationship is very important. People need to be able to tell on another how they are feeling about what ever it may be. If one of the couples doesn't communicate and holds everything in they eventually can't handle all that they have inside them.

Couples should address each problem as they come up and not hold anything back. With having good communication you are able to resolve problems. When conflicts arise you should not argue with the significant other. I like to discuss conflicts sitting down in a calm orderly manner, for it is easier for both people to get their thoughts across. Many times people just need to talk to someone and have that person only lessen. This allows the person with the problems to get their stress relieved.

Kai seems like a man that is in love with a woman that may not truly love him. I have been in a serious relationship for a few years, and she always comes first in my life. Faye told him time and again that she did not want to marry him. If a couple is in a serious relationship to they will do anything for on another. True love is a feeling as if the ocean could be parted for you and you could walk through it. You are on the best high that you will ever exercise that puts you in ecstacy on top of the clouds. When you really love a person you will do everything in your power for them. I can relate to kai, because I have known of a few women that have similar problems to Faye's. It is a very awkward position to be in when it means so much to women and relationships.

The story hits home for every couple that is dating have obstacles to overcome. With both couples working to resolve a problem it makes it a lot easier. In my relationships I like to resolve the problems so both people get what they want. If only one person is putting in effort to make the relationship work it don't work. The feeling you get when your lover gives you attention makes you know that they want you. Both need to feel important to the other person, and not taking things for granted.

This literature portrays how to make relationships work. Many times you are faced with problems in your relationship that you have to address that may be bad or good. To make it through those times it takes communication, true love, and working hard together. In the long run everything happens for a reason, and we all learn as we go"¦