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Peeking Into The Lives Of Americans

As a growing nation, society has adapted to its' new technology and has also altered our laws or has input new ones. In the current society today, laws and technologies have been advancing so much that updated laws are not provided to protect internet users in situations like cyber terrorism to home invasions. Controlling the Internet plays a role in everything as it is a huge part in peoples life everyday. Due to the size and the rapid growth of usage, it has become almost impossible to control. In 1989, the World Wide Web was developed. The new technology of "internet" made things possible to exchange information on a global scale(Lee 1). With no restrictions on what information could be shared, the Internet has became home to an assortment of web-sites consisting of topics that are shunned from the mainstream media or any place else.

This comes to play as the governments takes complete control on their daily lives on the internet. It seems as if our online lives will be open to the government and nothing will be private. Internet privacy gives us freedom to use our own computers without interruptions from other users. Daily, the government checks on internet users to see whether or not any suspicious activities are going on; this brings a controversial topic of the governments decision to invade and breach the privacy of the users. While the general public is against the idea, it is proven to be very useful as well. The government system we have in America today, creates a very debatable topic on if they're able to peek into one anothers lives for future protection of the society.

Privacy has been one of the big issues today in America. Privacy varies from information on the...