Political Ideologies: Marx and Goldman share a socialist view.

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Karl Marx set the wheels of Communism and Socialism in motion with his writings. In collaboration with his friend, Friedrich Engels, he produced The Communist Manifesto, written in 1848 and adopted by many worldwide. Over 50 years later, the essay "Anarchism: What it Really Stands For" could be found in Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman, also referred to as 'Red Emma'. She was a rebellious feminist and iconic anarchist known for advocating a violent revolution. Karl Marx and Emma Goldman maintain common beliefs involving the theory of socialism, in that they both allege that obtaining power through wealth represents man's enslavement; this reveals their unmistakably socialist views. This is demonstrated by Marx and Goldman's similar portrayals of the enslavement of the laborers by the bourgeoisie, the laborers' adoption of machine like qualities while at work, and the products of their labor that exceed the demand.

Marx and Goldman support the theory of socialism in that they both seek to abolish the capitalist bourgeoisie who enslave their labourers with insufficient wages. However, Marx and Goldman do not agree on how accomplish this. Marx views the bourgeoisie firstly as "patriarchal master[s]" within their little workshops (Marx & Engels, 1955, p. 17). As modern industry evolves, they turn into "industrial capitalist[s]" of their great factories (Marx & Engels, 1955, p. 17). He views the labourers like soldiers, who are "placed under the command of a perfect hierarchy of officers and sergeants" to perform in an "industrial army" (Marx & Engels, 1955, p. 17). In this, he is implying that the bourgeoisie are the ultimate powerhouse of industry. By relating them to officials in the military, he shows the dictatorial influence they have on their labourers. The labourers' involvement in this is that of mere strategically planned methods...