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  • Novel History

    Of Mice and Men is a novel set on a ranch in the Salinas Valley in California during the Great Depression of the 1930s. It was the first work to bring John Steinbeck national recognition as a writer. The title suggests that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, a reference to Robert Burns's poem "To a Mouse."Cited: that gives you a little history of this novel. And you do a wonderful job writing this response to the novel. Watch run on sentences!
    • 15/04/2007
    • 14:45:25
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  • Publishing History

    Firstly, in anticipation of the character of the expected censorship, Crane could be led to undertake alterations which also had literary value in the context of the new version. Secondly, because of the systematic character of the work, purely censorial alterations sparked off further alterations, determined at this stage by literary considerations. Again in consequence of the systemic character of the work, the contamination of the two historical versions in the edited text gives rise to a third version. Though the editor may indeed give a rational account of his decision at each point on the basis of the documents, nevertheless to aim to produce the ideal text which Crane would have produced in 1896 if the publisher had left him complete freedom is to my mind just as unhistorical as the question of how the first World War or the history of the United States would have developed if Germany had not caused the USA to enter the war in 1917 by unlimited submarine combat. That should give you a better look at the process this novel took to being created.
    • 15/04/2007
    • 14:41:39
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  • Short but sweet

    This opinion article is short but hosts your opinions and beliefs very well. Although it is short it is not drawn out with meaningless filler. It gets right to the point your making! Very good!
    • 15/04/2007
    • 14:29:53
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  • Truely Excellent!

    I am currently reading this novel and your essay blew me away with interesting facts and theories about it! Here is another interesting link in which show cases some other information for others that enjoyed this essay. continue writing and benifiting the cheathouse community!
    • 30/05/2006
    • 12:59:13
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  • Spelling Errors

    I think the file should be run through Word or a spelling processor then resubmitted but the contents are supurb and it certainly helped me word some things in my essay regarding when I interviewed entrepreneurs in the area.
    • 09/04/2006
    • 00:52:51
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  • Essay?

    This essay had no structor. No begining, No conclusion. It looks like you copied half a page of notes and just submitted it. Please refer to this page. when finished there please refer to this step by step guild on writing essays., Now lets look at the fact if this is suspose to be a response, first of all you didn't supply the original question, otherwise the reader has no idea what you responding too. So please next time do this.Thats all I have to say. Thanks.
    • 14/12/2005
    • 20:42:22
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  • Too personal.

    Though your essay was good. In the words of my grade 12 english teacher. "An essay about yourself is short lived, in your life you have to learn the do's and don'ts, and that certainly is a don't".When writing an essay you must include facts made from different authors and cite their work. You must never include personal experience, or refer to "Me" "I" "Myself" "Us" or "You" in a essay.Otherwise it was good.
    • 14/12/2005
    • 20:24:43
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  • After research.

    I have studied this subject through and through. You have left out,"The NAZIs within only months of seizing power in 1933, organized, all German youth groups and clubs for boys and girls between the ages of 10-18. Indepndent groups were consolidated by the Reich into the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) and organized along military lines. The NAZI youth program began for children at 10 years of age."A great information site for others seeking information on this is found at this URL. think you'll find alot there as far as reports go. This paper was lovley I enjoyed reading it and thought it was very well written. Great!-Dawn
    • 06/12/2005
    • 15:56:31
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  • War Essays.

    I'm writing an essay on world war one and it seems to me Wilfred Owen would be more interesting to compaire to Sassoon, none the less this helped me alot on my essay. Thanks!
    • 06/11/2005
    • 22:15:47
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  • It's a paper.

    Not a person. Your style of writing is as if you're speaking to someone standing next to you. This certainly does not cut it. In your writing styles you should be using proper writing techniquies, as it may seem cool and new aged to write this way. Your teachers will not think so.
    • 26/10/2005
    • 20:39:06
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  • Add more.

    I think you should add more of some stock options myths and opinions to make this more colourful as far as information goes,'ll find some good stuff there. Good Luck!
    • 26/10/2005
    • 19:29:01
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  • Well Done.

    I thought it was very well worded and there was good thought put into it.
    • 26/10/2005
    • 18:49:31
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