Personal Response to article "Dark days for Goths" by Emily Sweeney

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In response to the article "Dark days for Goths" I feel just as the people in this article do in regards to the stereotype that seems to be placed upon them by the media. It only takes one bad person to make the rest look bad. The media, in attempt to make scandalous headlines, enjoys writing about the shocking things that happen in real life. So when someone that is Gothic or appears to be Gothic does something bad it will always make headlines. Thus that is why there is more bad news than good news about the Gothic community. Actually, I don't think the media has ever printed good things about the Gothic community because they do not care about whom they hurt; they just want to make money. The gothic sub-culture is not about crime, violence and death. It all depends on how you perceive it. I don't consider it as dark and scary.

People used to call me gothic all the time yet I'm happy and my friends are the happiest people I know!

I don't like the whole labels thing really, certainly not when it's used in a negative way. People used to call me gothic but I always considered myself more of a punk, or maybe a hippy because of my religion. I always looked at it as dressing in what you're comfortable in, I love different colours and would wear rainbow everything if I could. But then again if I did I would probably be called a lesbian seeing as rainbows are associated with gay pride. Not that I'd mind, as I have lots of pride for my sexuality, yet those who care to remind me of it aren't doing it in a way which promotes equal rights or in a way to...