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The military Junta of Argentina seized power from Isabela Peron in 1976, and they reigned over Argentina for 7 years, and caused several problems for Argentina. They lost a war to the United Kingdom, led Argentina to economic instability, and engaged in several human rights violations. The Junta, of course, believed they were doing the right thing for Argentina. The Junta believed that the prior Peronist government was too involved in the economy and far too liberal. The Junta wanted to bring a highly market driven economy back to Argentina, promote Catholicism, and stomp out Marxists. The Junta was very fearful of the Marxist, and they had reason to be fearful of a Marxist revolt. Before their coup d'etat, there were terrorists operating in Argentina. The Junta viewed these terrorists as soldiers receiving orders directly from the Kremlin. The goals of the Junta, in themselves, are not terrible, but the means in which the Junta attempted to obtain these goals caused their demise (Slawner).

One of the major reasons the Junta lost popularity, and thereby power was the "Dirty War." The "Dirty War" was the Junta's method for getting rid of people it considered terrorists. The Junta believed that it was capable of ushering in a new moral, religious, obedient and western political system. However, some of the people that vanished were not even close to the conventional definition of terrorists. These people included workers, democrats, human rights activists, progressive Catholics, Jews, socialists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and anyone else who objected to the rule of the Junta. The Junta believed that these people were a threat to national security and had to be removed. The Junta would remove anyone it thought was a threat, professors, students, reporters, and especially Jews, whom the Junta removed at a relatively high rate. 3000 professors...