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I am doing my report on the Pontiac Fire bird also known as the Trans-AM. I am focusing on the WS6 model. The WS6 refers to the engine size and performance package.

The Pontiac Fire Bird is the answer to Chevrolet's hot Camaro SS and the Ford Cobra Mustang. The WS6 has the legendary 5.7 liter V-8 better recognized as the small block Chevrolet 350.

This 350 is an aluminum block, composite intake, fuel injected beast.

This beast can propel the 3536 pound coupe to sixty miles from a dead stop in five seconds and a quarter mile time of thirteen seconds flat! The WS6 is a favorite amongst all the power junkies this car has 320 peak ponies at 5200 and 340ft pounds of torque at 4000. The compression ratio of the WS6 is 10.1. The Gas mileage of the Pontiac Trans-Am is 18 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles on the highway.

One of the best points of the WS6 are the huge amount of aftermarket options for it, so you can customize your WS6 to your liking. The bird already has tinted windows and cool daytime running lights. The Awesome 350 is mated to a massive six speed manual or the optional four speed automatic. the rear end is a 3.73 with push button traction control.

The WS6 sits on massive 17 inch five spoke chrome rims. The fire bird sits only 4.5 inches off the ground and is 74.4 inches wide and 101.1inches long.

When you put your foot into the throttle you will notice the deep pure muscle car sound that's tunneled through a new cast iron exhaust manifold design than through the stainless steel exhaust system. The bold new aged styling is liked by most with its two front functional Ram air hood scoops and rear spoiler. The WS6 package also includes a power steering cooler that actually cools the power steering pump, the WS6 has Vented disks in front and power-assist in back, all tied in with the ABS system. The front suspension has a 30mm stabilizer bar, in the rear is a Salisbury axle with a toque arm, track arm, coil over springs and a 19mm stabilizer bar, to give you a tight and sporty ride.

The interior is the best in the class with leather 6 way power seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and a awesome 500 watt CD power monsoon 10 speaker sound system. So in the endless shop for a high end sports car, the Pontiac Trans-Am is a great buy at thirty Grand. You get all the goodies of a luxury car with the awesome power of the Trans-Am and just great styling. The WS6 has been rated in CAR&DRIVER as the best bang for the buck sports car.