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Aidian Morrow

Craven Community College

English 111

Fall 2014

Instructor: Terri Van Sickle


On a hot July summer day when the sweat is dripping off your forehead into your eyes and you just want to slide down an iceberg next to penguins, there is only one thing that could really satisfy someone on a day like this. That one thing is a pool. When the sun is at its hottest point in the middle of the day, and you're outside you can't say that you wouldn't love to jump right into a pool and cool off. The great thing about pools are that they are fun for people of all ages and even animals. My grandma loves going to her pool in her neighborhood more than the kids I believe. As a kid my favorite memories were in out pool with my family and friends, I couldn't imagine my life without it.

The great thing about pools, other than how much fun you have in them, is that there are so many different types at different prices. You don't need a in-ground pool to have a good time in a pool. You could get an above ground pool, an inflatable pool, a plastic pool, there are so many different types and styles you could pick from. Say you are on a budget but you really want to have your very own pool. You could go to Walmart, Target, Big lots, or a local pool supply store, and buy a pool from a price range of thirty dollars to seven-hundred dollars. If you have the extra money and space to put in an in-ground pool then by all means make a pool of your dreams and enhance your house value by a lot! If you have a family or to...