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Isabel Peralta; CN 25; IV-13

According to the NEDA press release, the government was getting ready for the typhoon; they had it in mind that there needed to be relief operations and that there would be donations coming from local and international donors.

As seen in the events that took place, one of the government's strengths is that it can forsee when action is needed, and how to plan the origanization for such action. One of the weaknesess, though, is implementation of their ideas. As seen in the evening news in the past days, there hasn't actually been proper organization in Tacloban, which resulted to anarchy for the people who are trying to cope with the calamity that has happened. Another weakness is the slowness of the action that is supposed to take place; the government guarantees that there will be more help given to the victims, yet it has been more than a week, and they are still in a state of disaster.

I think a lesson learned is that everyone should be ready just in case a typhoon like this happens again, and that everyone should be quick to recover so that their area will be restored and they can mourn for their loved ones properly.

The first thing that has to be done would be to organize the safehouses before the typhoon strikes, it is the most important because that is where the people will go once their homes are destroyed. Aftwer the typhoon has struck, that is when they should bring the relief goods, rationed per town. Everyone must also work together to restore their towns, and while they are working there are people preparing their food for lunch and dinner. During lunch and dinner everyone will have their equal share; the...