Pope Gregory VII

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When the Roman Empire collapsed the rest of Europe was left out in the cold with no protection. Many lords rose up took over the thrown and led their people for centuries through disease, poverty, and war. Yet these kings and emperors basically appointed themselves and had to start over by having to make new laws and traditions. King Louis IX was that man that solidified the way a ruler should rule over people and lords. The Vatican City was the only city tying all of Europe together after the fall of Rome. When corrupt officials are in the higher seats of office their absolute power could corrupt absolutely. Therefore when Pope Gregory the VII took the papacy he made the changes necessary to bring Christianity back to the way it should be. Both of these men were great men for their deeds and solidified their name in history by playing their role the way it should always have been.

Hildebrand was elected to papacy in 1073 and died in 1085. Pope Gregory VII reigned for 12 years of his life. He made a huge impact for only holding office for 12 years. While other popes like today's Pope John Paul II have been in office for 26 years from 1978- present day, have yet to leave a mark on history as Gregory did. Shortly after he took office he implemented many of the original rules of St. Benedictine. He brought back the original way of electing abbots by taking the emperor's power to place abbots in monasteries away. Gregory believed that the corruption of the church lied in the secular power. By taking away the king's power in the church he caused much of the corruption to stop including clerical marriages and the sale of church offices. Gregory may...