Position paper on Affirmative Action

Essay by frantoya June 2004

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Supply Side Affirmative Action

In this reading, Clarence Page discusses his opinion of affirmative action and has plenty of arguments citing the pros. It appears that he has strong conviction on the subject and almost comes off a bit aggressive. He continues to state that before affirmative action was developed, most jobs were awarded to the white male. I smiled upon the statement made in reference to affirmative action, if properly implemented, not only widens the pool of qualified candidates to minorities but also to the white male, who would have otherwise been bypassed because of nepotism, favoritism and other unnecessary narrow criteria (Page, 1999). He also goes on to state affirmative action opens wedges that threaten to replace the basic American melting pot creed with a new "balkanization".

My position is that I am in full agreement of affirmative action if it is taking into account all qualified individuals.

I recall when I was about 12 years old; my father said something that has stayed with me over the years. He advised me, "You are a double minority." At the point in my life, I had no concept of what he was implying. He continued to explain to me the implications by saying, "Because you are not white and a female, you will have it two times as hard when you are older and seeking employment. That is why it is crucial for you to perform well in school and in everything you do."

I presume that a person would not know what to think of a statement such as the one my father made to me. After high school graduation, I was a little distressed by that statement, believing my father did not have enough confidence in me. Now older, I realize that it has nothing to do...