Post world war II and cold war

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3. The United States brought the war closer to Japan by slowly pushing the Japanese back. First they came in from the east, taking back the Pacific islands one at a time. Then the Allies also sent forces in through the west, through China, Manchuria and Korea. So basically, from the start of 1942, the Allies began make the extent of Japanese control smaller and smaller.

4. a) The Allies weakened Germany by using devastating force. Germany was pounded with twenty-four hour bombing for nearly two years. Targets included bases, industry, railroads and cities. Hundreds of thousands of Germans were killed in these raids and it wasn't before long that Germany could no longer defend itself in the skies. Like Japan, Germany was being closed in on from all sides. The Soviets were pushing in from the east and France, England and the United States pushed in from the east.

As the two fronts got closer and closer to Berlin, the Nazi armies began to surrender left and right.

b) The Battle of the Bulge was significant because it was Germany's last major offensive effort. Each side suffered tremendous losses, but in the end the Allies were victorious. The Nazis were able to push forward in several areas along the line, but not able to break entirely through to put them at any sort of vantage point.

5. If I was President Truman and I had to make the decision on whether or not to drop an atomic bomb on Japan, I would want very detailed information. I would want to know how many civilians, military personnel, and government officials would be in the range of the bomb. In addition I would want to know how much damage after the bomb was dropped would impact...