Poverty in Amercia.

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Surveying on minimum wage job. While meeting today's needs. American's living in poverty due to government regulations, low income jobs and lack of affordable housing. When she was working as a waitress in Florida. Enrenreich realizes from her co-workers of the poor living conditions that low income people live in. She later concluded:

After a week she had compiled the following information. Gail is sharing a room in a well-

known flophouse for $250 a week. Claude, the cook lives in a two room apartment which

he shares with his girlfriend and two other people. As far in her survey other men live in

similarly crowded situations. Annette which is a 20 year old who is pregnant is living with

her mother. Marianne who is a server and boyfriend are paying $170 for a trailer. Billy,

who which is the wealthiest of all of us Is living in a trailer paying $400-a-month for rent.

The other cook lives on his boat at the dry docks. Tina and her husband live in the local

hotel for $60 a night. Joan lives in a van outside behind a shopping center. (25, 26)

Why is it that over the past year, 3 million men, women, and children was homeless and working low income jobs? The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty web site gave a great deal of information about low income housing and other issues with low income people. (http://www.nlchp.org) In 2004 the demand for shelter rose 14%, according to a survey released in December 2004 by the U.S. Conference of Mayors on hunger and homelessness. A missed paycheck, a health crisis, or an unpaid bill pushes low wage workers over the edge onto homelessness. Some of the issues that stop low wage people to make it are lack of affordable...