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1.On Durkheim, Why do the U.S.A have a high suicide rate use Durkheim's two notions Egoistic and Anomie suicide? Durkheim insisted that individuals were born into an existing social structure consisting of institutions, norms, rules, roles, customs and ideals to which they conformed. The U.S.A is no exception because lady liberty follows a social structure. The high rate of suicide is because of Individual Isolation. The breakup of the family could be working or divorced. The grandparents may live in a Sunbelt state. Science or superstition may weaken the loss of religion that includes rituals, church groups, and the beliefs. Another reason the suicide rate is high in the U.S.A is the loss of community. You can be lonely walking into a crowd, they now starting building malls, there's no town center, and urban; suburban sprawl are rapidly increasing. When people feel they don't belong to something, they don't have the need to be wanted.

They tend to feel that no one wants them around. The Anomie starts to kick in because they started to lose the norms and values of society. Moral confusion sets in.

2.From Durkheim, Why does Japan have a high suicide rate, use Durkheim's notion of Altruistic Suicide? Japan has a high suicide rate, which we call altruistic suicide. Most of the suicide that occurs in Japan is because the individual shames the family or religion. Japanese culture has a family with close ties. There are grandparents, uncles many elderly people living within the family. An example would be if the best friend of a man were told to carry his ashes and bring it to the family on the other side of town when he dies. The best friend will go and do what his friend told him to...