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The role of a successful Public Relations professional is to communicate the goals of the organization to its publics effectively. Riordan's public relations staff is committed to positioning itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace through building media relations and generating publicity for the organization. The staff has worked together to compile objectives for the public relations campaign, identified the organization's publics, written a media release, developed a tactical plan and evaluated the business implication of Riordan's public relations plan.

Public Relations Campaign Objectives

Riordan is committed to establishing a successful public relations campaign, which depicts the current diversity of their manufacturing plants as well as the plans of positioning the company as an industry leader in workplace diversity. The public relations staff must create measurable campaign objectives in order to assess whether the goals of the promotion are a success. The Institute for Public Relations Commission states that there are five main objectives of a PR plan and that each objective must meet the following requirements:

* Specify a desired outcome

* Directly specify one or several target audiences

* Be measurable, both conceptually and practically

* Refer to "ends," not "means"

* Include a time frame

Riordan has identified that the desired outcome is its dedication towards diversification within their manufacturing plants in the US and abroad.

The target audience outlined includes employees, customers, customhouses, media, environmental protection agencies, the medical industry, lawyers as well as international standards organizations. The measurability of the campaign objectives is based on research provided on the actual demographics of Riordan's staff members before and after the campaign. The public relations staff understands that the goal of their objective refers directly to the "ends" rather than the "means" (Unknown, 2006). Riordan's group of public relation professionals will decide upon a...