Prejudice and Discrimination

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Bosnia is a country that is rich in different cultures, races, and ethnicities. Being so diverse can mean that some of these different races or cultures will not get along and therefore creating prejudice and discrimination. Some examples of different cultures in Bosnia are the Serb, Croats, and the Muslims. When one is looking to visit a country, he or she should study the various cultures, have a clear differentiation between race and ethnicity, any kind of culture, race, or ethnic discrimination, and how discrimination has affect the live of those whom are discriminated against.

One should always study the various cultures of a country before visiting that country. In this case, one would want to find out everything about Bosnia's many cultures. Three of these cultures one would need to study are the Serbs, Croats, and the Muslims. Knowing this country is diverse can mean the different races or cultures do not get along well.

These people do not believe the same things nor do they look alike. The Serbs, Muslims and Croats are three feuding cultures that are still faced with the devastation of war, but will still not develop trust among one another (Boyd, 2008). This keeps Bosnia from becoming a whole nation that is undivided. The United States keeps troops in Bosnia to help keep Bosnia as peaceful as possible when you have feuding cultures. The Bosnia Serbs seem to be the culture that is struggling the most because they are less in numbers. The Muslims and Croats are able to thrive more in Bosnia (Boyd, 1998). To help keep the peace, the Dayton Accord was drawn up by President Clinton. The Dayton Accord basically demands a cease-fire and allows the United States to keep troops in Bosnia to make sure of...