It is about premarital sex and what it has to do with religion.

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There are many different effects premarital sex can have on a person. The ones that hit someone the hardest are emotional. An example of this would be attachment to your sexual partner. This is one of the most predominant problems with sex before marriage.

Misleading feelings is another emotional effect of fornication. This often comes from confusion between sex and love. Sex outside of marriage turns the relationship upside down and mixes emotions to the point of misinterpreting feelings. When we mix sex and love, we confuse the concepts of giving and taking. Personal selfish reasons cause premarital sex to take, but sometimes the taking may be confused as giving. A girl gives in to have the security the boy provides, or maybe the popularity achieved in being his girlfriend. Many times young people are misled by these emotions and think they really are "in love." ?The sex is so powerful that it creates a strong emotional bond often when there is little in common and little basis for a lasting relationship?(tant 3).

Those mixed up feelings are destructive in a dating relationship and can have tragic consequences if the relationship progresses to marriage. God's plan protects us from the devastating effects those confused emotions bring. Sex does not constitute love. As Christians, we are to develop agape love, the kind God has for us that gives with no expectation of getting something in return.. Love is primarily an act of the will, but has tremendous emotional overtones because it has to do with how we relate to people. Our actions of love are tied to our emotions because relationships naturally have emotional bonds. Likewise sex has a powerful emotional aspect because God meant for it to be a joining of soul and mind as well as a physical...