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For years many parents has know about their children disabilities after the problem is present. Ogle CountyEducational Cooperative (OCEC) (2006) mention that of the biggest problem they confront is when parents ignore or does not know how to identify when their children first are showing any symptoms of any kind of disability. Child Welfare Information Gateway (2001) mentions that having a secondary prevention would work better than the existing tertiary prevention. OCEC (2006) have a secondary prevention to identify child with potential of any kind of disability.

For many years OCEC has offer a secondary prevention to detect any disabilities for children zero to five years-old (OCEC, 2006). The OCEC (2006, p.8) informed that for children zero to four of age is tough to identify because many parents do not pay attention to children behaviors and/or many times they believe the child would be better with time. Most of the OCEC referral cases are children five and older that have been identify for school teacher or health professionals (OCEC, 2006).

As OCEC, a secondary prevention would be extraordinary idea. If a child disability could be identify before it becomes an evident problem, a better planning on what and how to help the child could be done. Since a child is born a yearly doctor check should be done to identify any disability. If a disability is detected, the doctor or any other health professional should refer the child to proper agency. An early assessment will be complete to help the child to go through the changes and help him or her to have a normal life, like any other kid. Once the evaluation is done a plan would be created to meet the child needs at home and prepare him or her to enter the school life, like...