Primary Role in Advertising.

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The primary role of advertising is to influence the brands consumers select. To get them to buy your brand, you need to reach them when they are ready to buy a brand.

Persuasion Theories in Advertising.

We are bombarded daily with a variety of communicative devices that attempt to influence our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes in some way. The primary role of this advertising methodology is to persuade, to change the way we construct a certain meaning in our head. Persuasion is a very powerful tool in affecting our idea of how, what or who people should be.

Advertising can be called controlled, identifiable persuasion utilizing means of mass communications.

"The purpose of advertising is to bring together all of the various elements into one area to achieve an interaction that will communicate a message within a given context. The message may be conveyed and even manipulated by carefully juggling the visual elements.

These elements are essentially words, photographs, illustrations, and graphic images, combined with a controlling force of black, white, and color.

Advertising is defined by as "the activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media," as well as "the business of designing and writing advertisements". Companies may choose to advertise for a variety of reasons. One reason that any company should advertise, is to increase awareness of their offering; company, service or product. Another is that they wish to sell directly off-the-page. And of course, there are many others reasons, but let's focus on increasing awareness and improving sales. Advertising is used mainly to influence specific audience or all audiences to buy the product. The purpose for advertising is to commercialize a product or anything else to a certain audience or to any...