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SURVEY / QUESTIONAIRRE RESULTS ANALYSIS This question allowed me to classify the range of children that were questioned from the questionnaire into different sections. The purpose of this question is to categories the different age groups that are being surveyed allowing a positive and wide feedback from the range of views. From the results, 40% of the children that were surveyed were between the ages of 2-­‐3 and 4-­‐5 with another 20% of the children above the age of 6. The purpose of this question is to comprehend where it is that children like to play, this being either indoors or outdoors. The results came back that seven out of the ten children who were interviewed said that they prefer playing indoor as opposed to the three children who would prefer outdoors. This question relates to the design itself as, being a reasonably small design, the child or adult is able to move it either indoors or outdoors, depending on where about the child wants to play on it and due to the material that the toy will be made from will allow indoors or outdoors usage.

2-­‐3 years old 40% 4-­‐5 years old 40% 6+ 20%

What is your age?

0 2 4 6 8

Indoors Outdoors

Do you prefer:

Do you prefer:

This analyse of information tells us that nine out of the ten children chosen prefer to be moving about as opposed to staying still and not being active. This suits the job specifications, as it requires the child who is using the toy to be moving and keeping active as opposed to sitting still in the same place for a long time. The factor about either moving about or staying still is an important one as if a child...