Prisoner Rehabilitation

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Prisoner Rehabilitation

The rising inmate population and overcrowding in prisons is a problem. A lot of this problem comes from repeat offenders who have had a lack of prison rehabilitation.

People have two different views about the prison system. The first is that prisons are "jails" and that everyone in the "jails" should suffer for their crimes. They feel since they are criminals and do not abide by the rules of society they should not be able to become part of a society.

Others view prisons as correctional facilities where prisoners can accept their mistakes and be rehabilitated, eventually being assimilated.

I feel that that "jails" are from criminals such as rapists, murders and other criminals that clearly will never be able to accept the rules society and show no hope of being rehabilitated. On the other hand I feel that some criminals see the light of there mistakes while in prison and want to move on and hopefully never return to prison.

But prisoners loathing for prison alone cannot guarantee prisoners to not end up in the same position once free. Prisoners need to be cured in more ways than fearing punishment. I feel these prisoners need to be rehabilitated to the point that at the end of there sentence they realize that committing crimes is only a way out and feel they will not fall back into a life of crime and be ready to enter society as a free man with some aspirations of a law abiding life. But usually this never happens because of the way prison rehabilitation is.

Prison Rehabilitation is mostly the experience of prison itself where you go in to a place that makes you live around criminals and never get out of the criminal mind state and never can grow...