Privilege and oppressed

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The status that I choose to do my assignment on is Race. Race is something that everybody has to live with as it would be difficult for one to change. It is something that one has no choice since race is mostly ascribed. I further divided race in to two major categories that is whites and blacks. The reason I choose white and black is that because United States has a major population group of whites and blacks, therefore, I wanted to way out the privilege that this groups have in the US society. Before conducting my research, I made a predication that whites are advantaged relative to blacks in the US society. Furthermore I started my research to find out if my hypothesis was true. There were a number of web sites that I went to which gave me a lot of information about it. I also interviewed a couple of people on what they thought about this issue.

I used a total of ten examples in my table to come to a conclusion.

One interesting example that I came across is that African Americans are more likely to develop lung cancer when compared to whites. This is something which we have no control over and African Americans have to live with it for the rest of their lives. In addition to this, as a tradition or a habit, blacks are twice as likely to be unemployed in the US society indicating that they prefer the present pleasure of sleeping and hanging out to the long term rewards afforded by holding a steady job. These are just a few examples that show that blacks are oppressed within this society over which they have no or very little control. Another example that supports my hypothesis is that blacks...