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Everywhere there is crime. There is no way to avoid it. Or is there? What if there was a way to strike fear in the hearts of the evil, demented people that commit these crimes? Well there is. The state of California needs to enforce the death penalty. Would someone risk his or her very own life to take someone else's? I definitely would not

Not only will the death penalty make the murderers think twice, but also it is effective in many other ways. When they hear on the news that somebody is being executed for homicide, what might be racing through their minds? Second thoughts? In some Eastern countries, the government does not only execute the murderer, it eliminates their whole family. Another plus of the death penalty is that it would free the streets of all the criminals that walk them every day. With all of these estimated 200 plus people on death row or life terms taking up California prison space every year, there are not as many free cells as there should be.

Because of that, criminals such as molesters and thieves are roaming around on our streets. Would one want the fear of being attacked at any given moment want that thought in the back of their mind for the rest of their life?

Another thing is that they deserve it. Have you ever heard of the ancient law an eye for an eye? It is a law stating that if harm is done to someone, then the same harm will be done back to him or her through the legal system. It seemed to work for the early civilizations. I truly believe in that law. So if these lowlifes will take away the life of another human being, then the murderers do...