Problem analysis and decision making technique

Essay by summit600 September 2007

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IntroductionFollowing the announcement for this year's "Employee of the Year" there have been many changes. Working relationships are strained and communication is poor. Envy and jealousy have caused team members to draw away from their leaders. After several days spent framing the problem, Team B held a brainstorming session identifying three alternatives to produce a solution. The pros and cons of each alternative were discussed and documented. We will have an independent team member analyze each alternative and select the best one using the tools we have learned so far.

Alternative #1 - Interchanging the Team MembersIn the brainstorming session, one of the ideas was to interchange the teams. To facilitate the turnover, the team leaders would be brought in so they could choose their teams. This would ensure the responsibility for success was placed on their shoulders to make the teams productive and content. Additionally, it would be a good idea for the mid-level executives to explain their rationale for the decision as well as to discuss their expectations.

Lastly, because each team of personnel is designed to do the exact same job, we could easily change the teams without a disruption in the processes. Since we did not want to just go on instinct, we decided the best thing to do was to create a cause and effect diagram detailing the successes and failures of the swap as well as the pros and cons of each.

The ProsThe possible pros in the situation are the other team members ability to see the level of commitment, stellar leadership, and impressive job knowledge of our annual award winner. With luck, the other team members would recognize this person as an integral part of the overall team and this would help them to forgo any animosity. Additionally, it may...