Problem Solution Foundation Schools

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Problem Solution: Foundation Schools

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Problem Solution: Foundation Schools

Foundation Schools is challenged with the issue of how to increase profitably

so that it can help more of students with special needs and expand the number of

students in their schools and continue to make the innovations needed to be the leader in its industry, (Foundation Schools, 2010). In the past, Foundation Schools have been successful at providing education to special needs students but to be successful in reaching the new goals, challenges have arisen which requires a new structure to be implemented. This paper will explain Foundation Schools current situation and evaluate the strategic program plan that has been implemented to include a framework for project teams and the importance of a strong culture in project management. It will show a more efficient approach for choosing projects that are in alignment with Foundation Schools strategy and finally, providing a business case for the proposed program management plan.

Describe the Situation

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Companies must build productive and beneficial customer relationships to be successful in any industry. Foundation Schools, not fully prepared to make the change toward the new software implementation, needs a stronger plan to continue increasing their revenue during the strategy implementation because there is not much of a strategic management process established within Foundation Schools. The organization has an opportunity to put in place an achievable process for a strategic management plan that includes their mission, objectives, situation analysis, strategy formulation, implementation, and control, allowing the project to be successful.

"Strategic management is the process of assessing what we are and deciding and implementing what we intend to be and how we are going to get there. Strategy describes how an organization intends to compete...