Interclean Generic Benchmarking

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InterClean Generic Benchmarking

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InterClean Generic Benchmarking

InterClean is an $8 billion dollar company in the institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. InterClean wants to be an industry leader and increase yearly profitability by 40%. To achieve market dominance, InterClean recently acquired EnviroTech, one of its major competitors known to have expertise in environmental regulatory and compliance requirements. Within 90 to 180 days, the company plans a marketing blitz to launch its new service focus on being the first in the industry to offer clients a full spectrum of cleaning services and solutions tailored to fit client needs. The company struggles with employee morale and needs to identify talent to align the human capital with the business strategy. Sales employees are experienced in selling products and now need retraining on offering solutions to customers.

InterClean has to work on job placement and integrate EnviroTech employees. InterClean's Human Resources (HR) group will be a critical component in identifying, screening, hiring, and making assessments from a pool of employees to determine their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The company is considering external hiring to fill any gaps.

Benchmarking other organizations that had similar challenges can help InterClean realize its goal and find solutions needed to sustain a competitive advantage. Benchmarking allows a company to compare processes and inputs to those of other companies and helps companies identify successful practices needed for decision-making and comparative measurements. InterClean should implement effective HR strategies to become a top performing company. Author Tom Peters states, "The best firms are better organized to meet the needs of their people, so that they attract better people than their competitors do and their people are more greatly motivated to do a superior job" (Dreher...