Problems with Washington State at a local and state wide level.

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The United States needs to get off the high horse of world policing and take a look at The "Homeland." Stop passing judgment, assuming that countries have chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, or box knives. The United States needs to take some actions at home before they cross the ocean to pick fights with countries that have firecrackers instead of "chemical weapons."

A few things need to be done, these include replacing the Supreme Court with younger and ambitious lawyers, congress needs to limit terms, and local politics needs to be revamped. In most jobs, if you are not competent they will fire you or you are forced to retire once you hit a certain age. What about the people serving us on Capital Hill? They are old; look at the recently deceased Strom Thurmond, he was 100 years old and he served forty eight years in the US Senate. How is it that we can let a person that has no concept of where he is make decisions that affect us as a nation? We have to limit the number of terms that they are allowed to serve; we cannot let them reach an old age because they have become set in their ways and will not change.

How they were raised can have an effect on what I can or cannot do i.e. smoke weed, buy absinthe, or own a fully automatic rifle. I may not necessarily want to do any of that, but I want the choice to do that if I choose to.

Are we not a free country? I thought these gave us rights: The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yet, it seems that the Supreme Court has the right to interpret the laws that have been set forth by our forefathers and...