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Can you play music in a CD player? I will explain exactly how to listen to music through these amazing machines. There are many steps in this process, but the first step is crucial, music choice. Then the process of getting the music to come out of the speakers or headphones begins.

Music choice is totally of up to the listener, but I recommend a good hip-hop song or the amazing Frank Sinatra. Music also depends what kind of mood you're in, and what kind of mood you want to be in. Some music will bring you from depression to an exciting state of happiness. However, the choice is totally up to the listener.

Now begins the true challenge, of getting the music to play. After you have chosen a type of music and have a CD, you must find your CD player. Now that you have found your CD player, you must open it.

Find the eject button, it should look like a bar with a triangle above it. Press this button to open up the tray, when open there should be a circle that a CD will fit in. Now put the CD in this circle, and again find the eject button and press it again. Don't worry the CD is not gone, the CD player just took it so it can read what's on it.

After you have gone thought the above steps find the play button, this should look like a arrow pointing to the right. Press it and the CD player will now read the contents of the disc and begin to play. The speakers will now emit a beautiful sound of whatever your music choice was.

Would you like it louder? Turn the knob that says volume. Usually if you...