Process and Analysis Essay: How to throw a pot in 3-D Design Art class.

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Throwing a Pot

Ceramics is an ancient art that has evolved through out the ages. There many techniques used to acquire the desired overall look. One of the most common of these is the use of a throwing wheel. This essay will supply you with all of the information needed to throw your first pot.

First you will need good clay. The easiest clay to start with is called Navajo White. This clay is much smoother and easier to center on the wheel. You will also need a long pointy object to measure the base of your pot, a wheel, a bucket of water, and a sponge.

After you have gathered your supplies you need to cut a piece of clay about the size of two oranges. Then you need to push the clay into itself, a technique called wedging which removes all of the hazardous air bubbles. You can tell when all of the air bubbles are gone by taking a piece of wire and cutting the clay in half.

Once you have successfully rid your piece of clay from air bubbles, you pat it into a sphere, and place it in the center of the wheel.

Now you are ready to begin centering your clay. You want to start by pushing the clay into the wheel, so that it will stick. Then you are going to decide which hand is your guide hand and which will be your smoothing hand. Your guide hand will do all of the work so it will tend to be your most dominant hand. The smoothing hand just helps the pressure stay even. Now you push down your peddle all the way down and ease it back just a little. Now you get your hands wet and push your guide hand into...