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After having lived a strong passion with another person, some people remain trapped in casual affairs. They usually think that is real love but, as time goes by, they realize they were wrong. This is a similar situation that Michael Curly, the main character of the short story "THE BRIDAL PARTY" by Scott Fitzgerald, went through after meeting Caroline a summer when they were young and whom he thought he was really in loved with. But what he felt for her passed through several alterations. There are some evidences to prove that Michael´s feelings changed throughout the story.

To start with, at the beginning of the story Michael showed an attitude of inferiority before Caroline. Despite his love for her, he knew he could not do anything to keep Caroline without money.

That is why he saw himself as something pathetic, futile, and shabby before the shinning stream of life she was certainly attracted to. The other fact was his lack of self-confidence and authority that were important factors to make an impression on Caroline, and the problem of his plainness when dressing, because his clothes were a little worn.

The second proof that shows Michael´s feelings alteration along the story is when he started to feel obsessed with Caroline because he thought that now he had inherited an important sum of money he could get Caroline back. So, he decided to persuade Hamilton, the Caroline's fiancé, to give up his engagement, since Michael believed his only obstacle was the money, this was now removed. Also, as he had a wrong idea about Caroline and his love for her, he thought that she still loved him, but he could...