The Process of Manufacturing Orange Drink

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Fruit can be divided into a good many varieties; especially oranges are popular fruit. Oranges are eaten by many ways; such as the orange drink. The process of manufacturing orange drink can be divided into four stages: picking and preparation of the fruit, extracting and processing the juice, bottling and distribution.

Firstly, oranges' picking and preparation consists of five steps. First of all, the oranges are picked in the citrus groves, and then they are transported by lorry to the factory. Next they are not only graded by size in the factory, but also some diseased oranges are also picked out at the same time. After that, they are peeled. Finally, these peeled oranges are put on the conveyor belt to continue next stage.

Secondly, extracting and processing the juice consists of three steps. To start with, these peeled oranges are crushed into the juice and collected by conveyor belt.

Some non-crushed pulp and pips are eliminated. Later, sugar, water and flavouring are added to the fresh orange juice and stirred. Finally, the orange juice needs to be tested before the next stage.

Thirdly, bottling just consists of two steps. After the orange juice is tested, it is bottled immediately and labeled on the surface of bottle. The manufacturing working procedures of the orange drink are completed.

Lastly, distribution consists of two steps. The orange drink are packed in crates, and then they are distributed by lorry to retail outlets.

To sum up, manufacturing orange drink is a quite complex process that it needs to complete four stages which include eleven steps.