How To Procrastinate When Writing An Essay.

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How To Procrastinate When Writing An Essay.

Procrastination is a considerable part of gaining a college education. A student must procrastinate in order to maximize time. This is especially evident when writing papers for English. English papers can be extremely time consuming and you must use the fine art of procrastination to get other, more important, things done.

To procrastinate, you must first sit down with paper and a pen. "I do not have paper and a pen." You might say. Then, the first thing you need to do is go to buy paper and a pen. Get in your car and drive to Wal-Mart, making sure to stop for gas on the way. When you get to Wal-Mart get out of your car, walk to the door, go inside, and get a shopping cart. "Why do I need a shopping cart for paper and a pen?" The answer is two-fold, just in case and you need a few other things while you are here.

Now, walk casually to the school supply aisle. On your way there, browse a little to see if you there is anything you need. Once you are at the school supplies, carefully examine and, whenever feasible, try every pen possible to establish which pen is the right one for you. After you find the right pen, it is now time to look for paper. Examine each package. As you scrutinize each package, ask yourself four questions; "Are the dimensions of this paper right for my assignment?," "Are the lines on this paper dark enough?," "Is this college ruled paper?," and finally, "Will my teacher be impressed with the quality of this paper?" It does not a matter how long this process takes, as long as you have the proper...