Products and Marketing of Primark (Associated British Foods)

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Primark is one of today's top clothes retailing stores in the UK in the terms of marketShare, in actual fact the 5th largest and is number two in the "value clothing retail market". These are just few of the examples of how well Primark is keeping ahead of themarket and all the changes that take place in the clothes retailing industry today. Primarktry very hard in always staying ahead of the market and trying to correctly predict whatthe next new fashion or look is going to be. The company do this by hiring fashion gurus to accompany their store managers to travel round Europe to explore the newest looks fashions which are then re-assessed so Primark can make the clothes giving them their own unique look and still keeping the manufacturing prices down.

Primark are also constantly continuing to keep up with the high demand for there product by increasing there selling space by over 70% and has also opened and additional 52 stores from September 2005 to March 2007.

The company is always trying to expand for example entering into the foreign markets such as the did in Spain where they opened two stores. After the success of these they are now planning another 3 stores in Spain this year along with another 10 in the UK.

The future market is looking very optimistic for the company as Primark are offer such super competitive prices, mainstream market product quality and fashionable clothes which the majority of clothes retailing industries cannot compete with in today's demanding markets. There would be no point in going out and spending £50 on a designer shirts jeans etc when Primark are offer such fashionable clothes at low prices. This is even backed up by one of today's top business newspaper "Forget Prada, fashionists...