Promotion: Advertising, Selling, Publicity, and Internet/Mobile

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Promotion: Advertising, Selling, Publicity, and Internet/Mobile

As the newly hired VP of marketing for Old Navy the current VP asked for an opinion on the current marketing strategy to target young adult males choosing to focus on a mobile media marketing campaign. -

Memo to VP of Gap

To: John Jacobs VP of Old Navy

From: Rich Pistone VP Marketing Old Navy

RE: Mobile Media Campaign Targeting Young Adult Males

(1) Assumptions about Viewing Habits of Young Adult Males

John, I am sure you are aware that Old Navy stores were created to fill a void. Our parent company had a secure customer base yet it was apparent there was a large target market of customers Gap was missing. To find out more information we conducted market research and, according to our results, many people thought clothes were getting too expensive. We decided we could fill this niche and according to Janet Kloppenburg, from the research firm Robertson Stephens, we have succeeded and found a way to combine low prices, quality merchandise, and a clean, fun ambiance to grab this market share (Caminiti & Brown, 1996, para.

7). I think we are at another crossroads in our marketing for Old Navy and the current campaign could be the answer to capitalizing on a target market we have currently been missing: young adult males. One of our main advertising avenues has been television commercials. Yet, with the current technology TV viewers often record programs and skip the commercials when they watch them (Zeisse, 2002, p. 89). This is one of the main reasons we needed to rethink our advertising approach. Nielsen's Social Media Report from last fall showed how integral social networking has become for consumers. Social networks and blogs account for almost a quarter their...