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This project proposed to develop a web design application for Vietnam News Magazine in Ho Chi Minh. With the higher demand for information of many people all over the world, the transporting newspaper by post office is inconvenience so establishing an e-express is a very necessary and significant job. This e-express will include enough the information of policy, economic, and sport events of Vietnam and other countries.

As Vietnam News required an e-express that includes a project design, cost analysis, and administration and maintenance plan. The engineering consultant of FPT Company will be completed in March 15, 2004.

Project Description

Many years ago Vietnamese were not familiar with computer and Internet. However, in recent years people have begun to get acquainted with Internet. They usually go to the Internet to get information than read newspaper because newspaper is considered inconvenience. Therefore, e-express would be extremely necessary and useful. All news will be updated everyday so that every people in all over the world can read it easily.

The panel of the e-express will be used for other company advertising. FPT will get much benefit from it.

In considering the advantage of an electronic express, we would like to analyze them in two sides:

From reader side, the e-express can offer the following advantages:

        * Offers great convenience for getting information

        * Improves readers skill of using computer

        * Saves time and money

From administrative side, the system will provide such advantages:

        * Simplifies administration

        * Requires little budget and workforce for controlling the entire e-express

        * Supports a large amount of readers all over the world

Before doing the project, we have a detailed plan for our job. When everything is prepared well and carefully, we can accomplish the project more easily and successfully.

Project Goal

This project is developed...